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New Version 1.57 with Russian/Cyrillic Code Page (855 and 866) support. 

Download it from here.



Capture MS-DOS Print Job from LPT1 or PRN and Redirect it to USB printer, GDI printer, Network printer etc.

MS-DOS based applications are designed to print on character mode printers. Presently many laser and inkjet printers have powerful features but come with connectivity to only USB ports which DOS applications cannot access. DOS2USB extends the printing ability of DOS programs by capturing MS-DOS print jobs and redirecting them to windows printer irrespective of their types including USB Printers, Network Printers, Print-Servers, as well as PDF-printers too! The job redirection works even if a printer is physically connected to the captured port, on any PC running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Linux (via Wine).


By using DOS2USB you can print directly from DOS to USB printer, Network Printer and virtually any printer.  This utility helps to convert your USB Printer to DOS Printer, by giving getaway to the USB printer from DOS.  DOS2USB can give the printing ability to DOS application to print on USB Printer with language support.  We are developing the Language support free of cost, so if your language not available with DOS2USB just mail us on



  • Fast and high resolution printing.

  • Color printing!

  • No need to modify MS-DOS application.

  • No extra setting required.

  • Can print on any windows printer.

  • Send the print jobs via fax (using any third-party fax software acting like a printer - i.e. Microsoft Fax - or a multifunction - all-in-one - printer)

  • Print complex jobs to legacy printers in DMP Print mode (including drawings and graphics) without going through the Windows driver and without changing the original jobs.

  • Built in Code Page Supports to take printing in your own language.  Currently Code Page 437(OEM), Code Page 850(ANSI - Latin1), Code Page 737(Greek), Code Page 855(Russian Cyrillic), Code Page 866 (Russian Cyrillic CIS01) and Code Page 862 (Hebrew) supported.  More code pages supports are under development. (If you need code page supports you may contact us)

  • Free Lifetime upgrade to new versions.

  • Free Email notification to the Registered user for new version.

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